Class 12 Computer Science Notes | Chapter wise pdf

Class 12 Computer Science Notes are prepared chapter wise for English and Hindi medium students. These Class 12 Computer Science chapter wise notes pdf covers each concept very concisely, point by point with example in easy language so that student can learn and score highest marks in their Class 12 Computer Science board exams.

This Class 12 Computer Science Notes adheres to the CBSE curriculum. Based on the syllabus, This notes has been divided into three units and each unit further has been divided into different chapters. you can find Chapter wise Notes for all Units of Computer Science Class 12 listed hereunder.

Computational Thinking and Programming – II

Python Revision Tour

Python Revision Tour Class 12 Notes covers Python fundamentals, Variables, Operators, Input and Output, Flow of control, Expressions, Type Casting, Strings, List, Tuples, Dictionary. All the concepts are explained with examples so that students can build strong foundation in Python Programming Fundamentals.

Working with Functions in Python

Working with functions in python class 12 computer science notes covers advantages of function, types of function (built-in functions, functions defined in module, user defined functions), creating user defined function, arguments and parameters, default parameters, positional parameters, function returning value(s), flow of execution, scope of a variable (global scope, local scope).

File Handling in Python

Introduction to files, types of files (Text file, Binary file, CSV file), opening a text file, text file open modes (r, r+, w, w+, a, a+), closing a text file, opening a file using with clause, writing/appending data to a text file using write() and writelines(), reading from a text file using read(), readline() and readlines(), seek and tell methods, manipulation of data in a text file, Basic operations on a binary file, import pickle module, dump() and load() method, read, write/create, search, append and update operations in a binary file, open / close CSV file, reading and writing in CSV file.


Stack in python class 12 Notes covers Stack definition, Applications of Stack, Stack Terminologies, various Stack operations like Push, Pop, Size and Top. All the concepts and operations of Stack are explained with examples for students, so that they can secure highest marks conveniently.

Computer Network

Computer Network

Class 12 Computer Science Computer Network Notes covers Introduction to computer networks, evolution of networking (ARPANET, NSFNET, INTERNET), Network devices, Network Topologies, Network Types, Introduction to web services, WWW, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), domain names, URL, website, web browser, web servers, web hosting.

Data Communication Terminologies

Data Communication Terminologies Class 12 covers Concept of communication, components of data communication, measuring capacity of communication media (bandwidth, data transfer rate), IP address, Circuit switching, Packet switching, Transmission media, Wired communication media (Twisted pair cable, Co-axial cable, Fiber-optic cable), Wireless media (Radio waves, Micro waves, Infrared waves) Network protocol, HTTP, FTP, PPP, SMTP, TCP/IP, POP3, HTTPS, TELNET, VoIP.

Database Management

Database Concept

Database Concept Class 12 Notes covers need of database, What is DBMS, Advantages of DBMS, RDBMS and its Terminologies Relation, Tuple, Attribute, Domains, Keys, Candidate Key, Primary Key, Alternate Key, Foreign Key.

Structured Query Language

Introduction, Data Definition Language and Data Manipulation Language, Data Types, SQL Constraints, create database, use database, show databases, drop database, show tables, create table, describe table, alter table, drop table, insert, delete, select, operators, aliasing, distinct clause, where clause, in, between, order by, meaning of null, is null, is not null, like, update command, delete command, aggregate functions (max, min, avg, sum, count), group by, having clause, cartesian product on two tables, equi-join and natural join.

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