IP Class 12 MCQ

This page contains Multiple Choice based Questions( IP mcq questions class 12 ) with answers for all the chapters of Informatics Practices Class 12 based on syllabus designed by CBSE. These Informatics practices objective questions with answers are not only helpful for those students preparing for CBSE IP Term 1 Paper MCQ but also for all students who are practicing and learning Python Programming MCQ, Database Management with MySQL MCQ and also Cyber Threats and Safety Questions.

You will get different categories of Questions for all the concept of IP CLass 12 Term1-
Assertion and Reason Based MCQs for IP, Python, Computer, IT, MySQL, Internet
Case Study Based MCQs
Find The Output Based MCQs
Concept Based MCQs

As per CBSE syllabus Class 12 IP MCQ course has been divided into 4 Units-

Unit-1 Data Handling using Pandas and Data Visualization

This unit covers working with pandas libraries of python and pyplot interface of matplotlib library. In pandas it mainly covers two basic data structures i.e. Series and Dataframes. This unit also covers import and export of data from pandas dataframe to csv files and mysql.

Python Pandas Series MCQ

Python Pandas DataFrame MCQ

Import/Export CSV Files in Dataframe (Pandas)

Plotting with Pyplot MCQ

Unit-4 Societal Impact

This unit covers societal impacts of computer and technology, ethical issues, cyber crime, open source concepts, health concerns of technology use and others. it also covers various data threats and its solution for protecting it.

Societal Impact MCQ

Unit-2 Database Query Using SQL

This unit covers working with MySQL and queries. it covers simple queries, MySQL functions, join and set operations. it covers queries using Select statement with single row functions and multiple row functions, Group by clause and different types of joins.

Unit-3 Introduction to Computer Network

This unit covers basics of computer networking including Internet and Web concepts. it covers computer network types, network topologies and various network devices. the Internet and Web covers all basics of Internet like website, web pages, web servers, URL, internet applications.

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