Class 11 Computer Science Notes | CS Class 11 Notes

Latest Class 11 Computer Science Notes covering All Units Unit 1 Computer System Organization, Unit 2 Computational Thinking and Programming, Unit 3 Society Law and Ethics. Each topic is written very concisely to make sure students learning Class 11 Computer Science can secure full marks conveniently with less effort and time. Language of this Class 11 Computer Science Notes has been kept very easy for better understanding of concepts.

UNIT 1: Computer Systems and Organization


Chapter 1 Computer System

Chapter 2 Encoding Scheme and Number Scheme

UNIT 2: Computational Thinking and Programming – 1

Chapter 4 Introduction to Problem Solving

Chapter 5 Getting Started with Python

Chapter 6: Flow of Control

Chapter 7: Function in Python

Chapter 8: String in Python

Chapter 9: List in Python

Chapter 10: Tuples in Python

Chapter 11: Dictionaries in Python

UNIT 3: Society Law and Ethics

Chapter 11 Societal Impact (Society Law and Ethics)

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