IP Project File Class 12 | Python MySQL Project

Download free IP Project file for class 12 pdf based on python and MySQL. This Class 12 IP Project file is designed as per CBSE guidelines for Informatics Practices students. This IP Class 12 Project File includes Python code, output screenshots, matplotlib chart for data analysis, SQL code for database and table design, data flow diagram and other important pages.

Learning Objective

The aim of the class project is to create tangible and useful IT application. The learner may identify a real-world problem by exploring the environment. e.g. Students can visit shops/business places, communities or other organizations in their
localities and enquire about functioning of the organization, and how data are generated, stored, and managed.
The learner can take data stored in csv or database file and analyze using Python libraries and generate appropriate charts to visualize.
If an organization is maintaining data offline, then the learner should create a database using MySQL and store the data in tables. Data can be imported in Pandas for analysis and visualization.
Learners can use Python libraries of their choice to develop software for their school or any other social good.
Learners should be sensitized to avoid plagiarism and violation of copyright issues while working on projects. Teachers should take necessary measures for this. Any resources (data, image etc.) used in the project must be suitably
The project can be done individually or in groups of 2 to 3 students. The project should be started by students at least 6 months before the submission deadline.

Distribution of Marks

You can get this Project Report PDF by paying 39Rs. To get it Click the link given below:

Download PDF Project Report Inventory Management

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