Class 12 IP Practical File | Practicals and Solutions with PDF

Download well designed IP practical file contains Python Series and DataFrame Practicals, Pyplot Practicals, MySQL Practicals with Screenshots. This Class 12 IP Practical File is based on CBSE suggested syllabus and practical guidelines. After making IP Practical file Class 12 student will be able to:

Learning Outcome

  • Create Series, Data frames and apply various operations.
  • Visualize data using relevant graphs.
  • Design SQL queries using aggregate functions.
  • Import/Export data between SQL database and Pandas.
  • Learn terminology related to networking and internet.
  • Identify internet security issues and configure browser settings.
  • Understand the impact of technology on society including gender and disability issues.

Distribution of Marks

IP Practical File 2022-23

Download pdf of Class 12 IP Practical File 2022-23 contains 35 practical programs including Pandas Programs, Matplotlib Programs, SQL Queries. This IP Practical File is prepared as per CBSE suggested syllabus.

IP Practical File Term-2 2021-22

well organized practical file for ip class 12 pdf download free including mysql queries practical solution with screenshots as CBSE syllabus

Data Handling and Visualization Notes :

Database Query Using SQL Notes :

Introduction to Computer Network :

Societal Impact Notes :

Previous Year Question Paper IP Class 12:

CBSE Sample Papers :

Practice Sample Paper IP :

NCERT Text Book Solution IP Class 12:

Sumita Arora Textbook Solution :

Python Pandas Series MCQ :

Python DataFrame MCQ :

Plotting with PyPlot MCQ :

Societal Impact MCQ :


MySQL Functions MCQ :

IP Class 11 Notes :

IP Class 11 MCQs :

NCERT Solution Class 11:

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