Define these terms:
(i) Phishing (ii) Scam (iii) hacking (iv) Spoofing

(i) Phishing
Phishing is a practice of attempting to acquire sensitive and personal information from individuals by misleading information through emails or websites over the internet.
By phishing schemes cyber criminals can steal banking details, credit card details, debit card details of users.

(ii) Scam
Scam is the practice that extract money from unsuspecting, ignorant person is called a scam.

(iii) Hacking
Hacking is the practice that seek to exploit computer system and network through unauthorized access to an account or computer system. It is misuse of computer or network to corrupt system, stealing data or break data related activity.

(iv) Spoofing
spoofing is the malicious practice criminal attempt to obtain someone’s personal information by communicating from unknown source disguised as a trusted source known to the receiver.

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