Insert and use Images in open office Notes and Solution

  1. List various ways we can insert images in a document using open office.
    We can insert images in a document using open office in following manners:
    – Drag and Drop
    – Insert Picture dialog
    – Inserting image from clipboard
    – Inserting image from scanner
    – Inserting image from Gallery
  1. How can we insert an image using picture dialog in a document?
    We can insert image using Picture dialog in following way:
    1. Place the cursor in document where you want to insert the image
    2. Choose Insert > Picture > From File from the menu bar.
    3. On the Insert Picture dialog navigate to the file to be inserted, select it, and click Open.
  2. Write steps to insert image using:
    1. Clipboard
      Using clipboard we can insert image as follows:
      Open both the source document and the target document.
      In the source document, select the image to be copied.
      Move the mouse pointer over the selected image and press Control+C to copy the image to the clipboard.
      Switch to the target document.
      Click to place the cursor where the graphic is to be inserted.
      Press Control+V to insert the image.
    2. Gallery
      Using Gallery we can insert image as follows:
      1. Place the cursor where you want to insert image in document
      2. Click on the Gallery icon (located in the right side of the Standard toolbar) or choose Tools > Gallery from the menu bar.
      3. Navigate through the Gallery to find the desired picture.
      4. To insert the picture, click and drag it from the Gallery into the Writer document. You can also right-click on the picture and choose Insert>Copy.
  3. What are the options provided by ‘Picture Toolbar’ to modify an image of document? Explain them.
    Following are the options provided by ‘Picture Toolbar’ to modify an image of document:
    Graphics mode : using graphic mode we change the color of image.
    Flip vertically or horizontally : To flip an image vertically or horizontally, it is used.
    Filter : Using filters we can apply various effects to our image such as smooth, sharpen, remove noise, charcoal, – invert, aging, posterize etc.
    Transparency : used to make an image transparent we can use it. It is useful when creating a watermark or wrapping image as background of document
  1. What do mean by Graphic Filter? Explain any five of them with their effects.
    Graphic Filters are special effects which can be applied to an image to customize as required. Following are the filters and their effects:
    Smooth : soften the contrast of image
    Sharpen : increases the contrast of image
    Remove noise : remove single pixel from image
    Posterize : make the picture appear like painting with less no of colors
    Charcoal :  change the image as charcoal sketch
  1. Write short notes on following:
    1. Cropping an image
      Cropping refers to cut off specific part of an image. To do cropping select crop from picture option in pop up menu.
    2. Transparency of an image
      To make an image transparent transparency tool is used. It is useful when creating a watermark or wrapping an image as background of document.
    3. Rotating an image
      To rotate an image at a particular angle rotate option can be used. We can select rotate option available under the effect tear off option in drawing toolbar.
    4. Grouping objects
      We can combine multiple objects into single using grouping object. To group multiple object select group option from format menu.
  1. What are the different drawing objects we can draw or insert in open office? List any 10.
    We can draw many different objects in open office. Some of them are listed hereunder:
    1. Line
    2. Free form line
    3. Arrow
    4. Ellipse
    5. Rectangle
    6. Callout
    7. Flow chart
    8. Stars
    9. Free form line
    10. Text
  1. How can we insert drawing object in a document?
    We can insert drawing object as follows:
    1. Click in the document where you want the drawing to be anchored.
    2. Select the tool from the Drawing toolbar. The mouse pointer changes to a drawing-functions pointer .
    Move the cross-hair pointer to the place in the document where you want the graphic to appear and then click-and-3. drag to create the drawing object. Release the mouse button.
    4. Press the Esc key or click on the Select icon (the arrow) on the Drawing toolbar to cancel the selection
    You can now change the properties (fill color, line type and weight, anchoring, and others) of the drawing object as per your requirement.
  2. Write steps to grouping drawing object?
    Following are the steps to group drawing objects:
    1. Select one object, then hold down the Shift key and select the others you want to include in the group.
    2. With the objects selected, hover the mouse pointer over one of the objects and choose Format > Group > Group
    3. from the menu bar or right-click and choose Group > Group from the pop-up menu.
  3. What do  you understand by following terms?
    1. Text Wrapping
      Text wrapping refers to wrap up a text around a drawing object. It can wrapped inside or outside of the object and also can be displayed in front of or behind the object.
    2. Anchoring
      Anchoring is basically a reference or selection point indicated by small anchor icon which always appears while hovering or selecting a drawing object.
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