Python Data Visualization MCQ | Plotting with Pyplot MCQ

This page contains Multiple Choice based Questions with answers for Python Data Visualization. These Python Data Visualization MCQ with answers are not only helpful for those students preparing for CBSE IP Class 12 MCQ but also for those students who are practicing and learning Python Programming MCQ specially Data Handling and Visualization using Python Pandas and matplotlib.pyplot.

Data Visualization basically refers to the graphical or visual representation of information and data using visual elements like charts, graphs and maps etc. Python Data Visualization helps in understanding and recognizing Data Patterns, Data Trends, Data Correlations and Data Comparison easily using various visual tools such as line chart, bar chart, pie chart, histogram etc.

Python supports data visualization by one of the most commonly used library matplotlib.
Matplotlib is a python library also known as plotting library which offers wide range of 2D plot types. It was created by J D Hunter. It supports interactive and non interactive plotting and provides complete control over plot.

Pyplot is a an interface of matplotlib library of Python. It offers various functions that can be used for plotting variety of graphs and charts like histogram, line chart, bar chart, pie chart etc.

You will get different categories of Questions for all the concept of Python Data Visualization IP Class 12 objective questions-

Pyplot Assertion and Reason MCQs
Pyplot Case Study Based MCQs
Pyplot Find The Output Based MCQs
Pyplot Concept Based MCQs

Python Data Visualization MCQ

Set-1 (Q1 to Q25)

Set-2 (Q26 to Q50)

Set-3 (Q51 to Q75)

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