Python Pandas Dataframe MCQ

This page contains Multiple Choice based Questions with answers for Python Pandas Dataframe MCQ. This is based on syllabus designed by CBSE for Informatics Practices Class 12 Term1 2021-22. These Informatics practices objective questions with answers are not only helpful for those students preparing for CBSE IP Term 1 Paper MCQ but also for all students who are practicing and learning Python Programming MCQ specially Data Handling and Visualization using Python Pandas Dataframe MCQ.

You will get different categories of Questions for all the concept of Python Pandas Series IP Class 12 Term1 Paper object questions-

Assertion and Reason MCQs for Python Series
Case Study Based MCQs for Python Series
Find The Output Based MCQs for Python Series
Concept Based MCQs for Python Series
Python Pandas Data MCQ

Pandas is one of the most important and useful open source Python’s library for Data Science. It is basically used for handling complex and large amount of data efficiently and easily. Pandas has derived it’s name from Panel Data System where panel represent a 3D data structure. It was developed by Wes McKinney. Basically it uses Series and Dataframe data structure for data handling.

Dataframe is 2D (Two Dimensional) data structure used to manage large and complex data in tabular format. It contains both rows and columns and hence have both row and column indexes. It is one of the most commonly used data structure similar to spreadsheet.

Python Pandas Dataframe MCQ Links are hereunder:

Set-1 (Q1-Q25)

Set-2 (Q26-50)

Set-3 (Q51-75)

Set-4 (Q76-100)

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