What is Pandas | Features of Pandas | Python Pandas Important Notes

What is Pandas in Python?

Pandas is one of the most important and useful open source Python’s library for Data Science. It is basically used for handling complex and large amount of data efficiently and easily. Pandas has derived it’s name from Panel Data System where panel represent a 3D data structure.

It was mainly develop by Wes Mckinney.

Why Pandas | Features of Pandas

  • It supports Data Visualization Excellently.
  • It handles large data efficiently
  • It can read data in many format
  • it makes data customizable and flexible
  • it handles missing and duplicate data efficiently.
  • Less writing and more work done

Pandas Data Structure

Data Structure refers to organizing, storing and managing data efficiently. Python Pandas provide different data structure to manage data of different types which are depicted in following diagram-

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