Chapter 3 Brief Overview of Python (Solution)

1. Which of the following identifier names are invalid and why?

2. Write the corresponding Python assignment statements:
a) Assign 10 to variable length and 20 to variable breadth.
b) Assign the average of values of variables length and breadth to a variable sum.
c) Assign a list containing strings ‘Paper, ‘Gel Pen’, and ‘Eraser’ to variable stationary.
d) Assign the strings ‘Mohandas’, ‘Karamchand ’, and ‘Gandhi’ to variable first, middle and last.
e) Assign the concatenated value of string variables first, middle and last to variable fullname. Make sure to

incorporate blank spaces appropriately between different parts of names.

3. Which data type will be used to represent the following data values and why?
a) Number of months in a year.
b) Resident of Delhi or not
c) Mobile number
d) Pocket money
e) Volume of a sphere
f) Perimeter of a square
g) Name of the student
h) Address of the student

4. Give the output of the following when num1 = 4, num2 = 3, num3 = 2
a) num1+=  num2 + num3
b) print(num1)
c) num1 = num1 ** (num2 + num3)
d) print(num1)
e) num1**= num2 + c
f) num1 = ‘5’ +’5’
g) print(num1)
h) print(4.00/(2.0 + 2.0))
i) num1 = 2 + 9*((3*12)-8)/10
j) print(num1)
k) num1 = float(10)
l) print(num1)
m) num1 = int(‘3.14’)
n) print(num1)
o) print(10!=9 and 20>=20)
p) print(5 % 10 + 10 < 50 and 29 <= 29)

5. categorize the following as syntax error, logical error or runtime error:
a) 25/0

Ans: Runtime Error (Division by Zero)
b) num1 = 25; num2 = 0; num1/num2

Ans: Runtime Error (Division by Zero)

6. Write a Python program to calculate the amount payable if money has been lent on simple interest. Principal or money lent = P, Rate = R% per annum and Time = T years. Then Simple Interest (SI) = (P x R x T)/100.
Amount payble = Principal + SI.
P, R and T are given as input to the program

7. Write a program to repeat the string “GOOD MORNING” n times. Here n is an integer entered by the user.

8. Write a program to find the average of 3 numbers.

9. Write a program that asks the user to enter one’s name and age. Print out a message addressed to the user that tells the user the year in which he/she will turn 100 years old.

10. What is the difference between else and elif construct of if statement?

11. Find the output of the following program segments:
for I in range (20,30,2):
country = ‘INDIA’
for i in country:
print (i)
i=0; sum = 0
while i < 9 :
if i % 4 == 0:
sum = sum + i
i = i + 2
print (sum)


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