Question-12 | Ch-6 Societal Impact | NCERT Solution IP-12

12. Write the differences between the following —
a) Copyright and Patent
b) Non-Ethical Hacking and Ethical Hacking
c) Active Footprint and Passive Footprint
d) Free Software and Open Source Software


Copyrights are usually granted for creative worksPatents are usually granted for Inventions
Copyright last for 50-70 yearsPatent last for 20 years
It includes literary works, artwork, photographs, audio, video, software, architectural work etcIt includes processes, machines, technological findings, scientific findings, chemicals etc
Difference between Copyright and Patent in Tabular form

PlagiarismCopyright Infringement
It is using, copying someone’s creative work without attributing him/her.It is unauthorized, unlawful use of legally copyrighted or licensed work.
It is an act of claiming ownership on creative work of othersIt is an act of unauthorized use of other’s work
Its is covers only copyrighted worksIt covers all creative works
Its about business responsibility (legal rights)Its about moral responsibility (ethics)
Non-criminal offenceCriminal offence
Difference between Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement in Tabular form

Non Ethical HackingEthical Hacking
Hacking with positive intentHacking with negative intent
Identifies loopholes and vulnerability of system to gain unauthorized access and damage system.Helps in securing a system by identifying loopholes and vulnerability in it
Break security for cyber attacks, identity theft, data theftProtects owner from cyber attacks, data theft, identity theft
Difference between Non Ethical hacking and ethical hacking in tabular form

Active FootprintPassive Footprint
data trail generated after any activity done intentionally on Internetdata trail generated after any activity done unintentionally on Internet
Examples: Sharing any information on Social Media sitesFilling Online formslogin to any type of account such as email, shopping id etc.sending and receiving mailsExamples: Turning on Geo locationcookies installed automatically without concern of userlike or dislike any activity on social media sites
difference between Active and Passive Digital Footprint in tabular form

Free SoftwareOpen Source Software
Free software gives user freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.It gives source code released under a license and grant user to use, update, construct business models so on.
It is a more about liberty, not price.There are many licenses under open-source, so all the open-source software need not to be free.
its more user orientedits more business oriented
free software is open source softwareopen source software may not be free software
It has less control over the source codeIt has more control over the source code
Difference between Free and Open Source software in tabular form

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