In the python shell do the following.

a. define a variable named state that is an empty list
b. add ‘Delhi’ to the list
c. now add ‘Punjab’ to the end of list
d. define a variable states2 that is initialized with ‘Rajasthan’, ‘Gujarat’ and ‘Kerala’.
e. add ‘Odisha’ to the beginning of the list.
f. add ‘Tripura’ so that it third state in the list
g. add ‘Haryana’ to the list so that it appears before ‘Gujarat’. do this as if you DO NOT KNOW where ‘Gujarat’ is in the list
h. remove the 5th state from the list and print that state’s name.

a. state = []

b. state.append('Delhi')

c. state.append('Punjab')

d. state2 = ['Rajasthan', 'Gujarat','Kerala']

e. state2.insert(0,'Odisha')

f. state2.insert(2,'Tripura')

g. state2.index('Gujarat')

h. state2.pop(4)
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