Societal Impact MCQs | Cyber Security MCQ

This page contains Multiple Choice based Questions with answers for Societal Impact. These Societal Impact MCQs with answers are helpful for all those students who are learning IP Class 12 MCQ, CS Class 12 MCQ or any Information Technology course.

Today’s age which we know as Information technology Age, there is no such area of ​​our life which is not dependent on these technologies. These technologies, mainly computer and internet, have proved to be a boon for our lives, but on the other hand their ever increasing use has also given rise to serious problems like health, environmental pollution and cyber crime, which has increased the concern of our society. Societal Impact MCQ IP Class 12 is mainly based on all these topics.

Social Impact MCQ covers all objective type questions for following topics

Digital Footprint – The data trail that user leave after any Internet activity
Net Etiquette – Act which user should follow while working on Internet
Digital Communication Etiquette – Act for communicating using email or any other digital media
Data Protection – Protecting sensitive information from being misuse and theft
Intellectual Property Rights – Right to protect any creative work or inventions
Copyright – Protecting Intellectual properties
Patent – Rights to protect any invention
Trademark – Unique symbol, sign or phrase that identifies any organization
Plagiarism – Illegal act of copying, modifying intellectual properties
Licensing – Agreement between user and owner to use properties
Free Software and Open Source Software – software available to use freely as well as modify its code
Cyber Crime – Illegal activity involves technology
Phishing – Illegal act of stealing sensitive data through email
Identity Theft – Stealing personal details illegally
Indian IT Act – Indian laws for Cyber safety and security
E-Waste – Electronic waste and its management
Health Concerns due to overuse of Digital technology

Societal Impact MCQs

Set-1 (Q1 to Q25)

Set-2 (Q26 to Q50)

Set-3 (Q51 to Q75)

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