Question-3 | Ch-6 Societal Impact | NCERT Solution IP-12

Suhana is down with fever. So, she decided not to go to school tomorrow. Next day, in the evening she called up her classmate, Shaurya and enquired about the computer class. She also requested him to explain the concept. Shaurya said, “Mam taught us how to use tuples in python”. Further, he generously said, “Give me some time, I will email you the material which will help you to understand tuples in python”. Shaurya quickly downloaded a 2-minute clip from the Internet explaining the concept of tuples in python. Using video editor, he added the text “Prepared by Shaurya” in the downloaded video clip. Then, he emailed the modified video clip to Suhana. This act of Shaurya is an example of —
a) Fair use
b) Hacking
c) Copyright infringement
d) Cyber crime


c) Copyright infringement

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