Chapter 11: Societal Impact (Solution)

Assignments: Answer and Questions

1. what is digital footprint?

2. Why it is so important to carefully think of digital footprint?

3. What is intellectual property ? What do you understand by intellectual
property rights ?

4. What is plagiarism ?

5. How can you avoid plagiarism while referring to someone’s else’s creation?

6. what is digital property?

7. What are the threats to digital properties ?

8. How can you protect your digital properties ?

9. Expand the terms-

10. What are open source software ?

11. Compare and Contrast
(i) Free Software and Open Source Software
(ii) OSS and FLOSS
(iii) Proprietary Software and Free Software
(iv) Freeware and Shareware
(v) Freeware and Free Software

12. What is public domain software ? Name some common public domain software licenses.

13. What is GPL software license ? How is it different from LGPL software license ?

14. These days it is equally important to safeguard digital properties :
(a) What are digital properties?
(b) Why is above given statement/fact important?
(c) What are possible threats to digital properties?
(d) How can digital properties be safeguarded ?

15. Define these terms:
(i) Phishing (ii) Scam (iii) hacking (iv) Spoofing

16. What is Cyber Crime? Give examples.

18. What is Internet addiction? What are some symptoms of the Internet addiction ?

19. What is cyber bullying?

20. What is copyright?

21. What are some types of Software license?

22. What are netiquettes? Why are these important?

23. What is hacking? Who is hacker ?

24. What are some health concerns related to the excessive use of technology ?

25. How does excessive use of technology impact the mental health of a user?

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