Chapter 9 Data Structures Stack and Queues Using List Solution

1. What is data structure? Name some common data structure.

2. Is data structure related to data type? Explain

3. What do you understand by linear and non-linear data structures?

4. Name some linear data structures. Is linked list a linear data structure?
Some linear data structures are – List, Stack, Queue
Yes Linked list is linear data structures as its all element are connected to its next or previous adjacent element.

5. What is stack?

6. What is queue?

7. Which data structure will you use for simulating a blanket donation camp?

8. Differentiate between:
(i) Linear queue and Circular queue
(ii) A Queue and a Deque

9. What are input/output restricted queues?

10. What are enqueue and dequeue operations?

11. What are push and pop operations?

12. Give some examples of stack applications?

13. Give some examples of queue applications?

14. Can you suggest a real life application for input/output restricted queues?

  • Input Restricted Queue- while storing or entering data, but want to remove recently entered data due to irrelevancy
  • Output Restricted Queue – while executing all statements and meanwhile new input need to executed.

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