Question-8 | Ch-6 Societal Impact | NCERT Solution IP-12

Preeti celebrated her birthday with her family. She was excited to share the moments with her friend Himanshu. She uploaded selected images of her birthday party on a social networking site so that Himanshu can see them. After few days, Preeti had a fight with Himanshu. Next morning, she deleted her birthday photographs from that social networking site, so that Himanshu cannot access them. Later in the evening, to her surprise, she saw that one of the images which she had already deleted from the social networking site was available with their common friend Gayatri. She hurriedly inquired Gayatri “Where did you get this picture from?”. Gayatri replied “Himanshu forwarded this image few minutes back”.
 Help Preeti to get answers for the following questions. Give justification for your answers so that Preeti can understand it clearly.

a) How could Himanshu access an image which I had already deleted?
b) Can anybody else also access these deleted images?
c) Had these images not been deleted from my digital footprint?


a) There can be various ways Himanshu could have those images like taking screenshots, downloading before deleting

b) After deleting these images no one can access it.

c) No, Digital footprints are permanent so even though if we delete at our end, still it remains at server database.

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