Question-9 | Ch-6 Societal Impact | NCERT Solution IP-12

The school offers wireless facility (wifi) to the Computer Science students of Class XI. For communication, the network security staff of the school has a registered URL On 17 September 2017, the following email was mass distributed to all the Computer Science students of Class XI. The email claimed that the password of the students was about to expire. Instructions were given to go to URL to renew their password within 24 hours.

a) Do you find any discrepancy in this email?
b) What will happen if the student will click on the given URL?
c) Is the email an example of cyber-crime? If yes, then specify which type of cyber-crime is it. Justify your answer.

Image Courtesy – NCERT Textbook IP Class 12 Ch-6 Societal Impact


a) The following discrepancy we can find

  • wrong URL is provided
  • email without subject

b) By click on given link student may be victim of

  • Identity Theft
  • Ransom ware
  • Financial loss

c) Yes, it is an example of cyber-crime.
Sending any wrong URL, email which looks authentic to gain personal information of user illegally is an act of phishing which is a type of cyber-crime.

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