What are the hubs and its various types

– A hub is hardware networking device that connects multiple nodes in a network and send and receive data from all the connected nodes.
– A hub contains multiple ports that are used to connect multiple nodes.
– A hub is best suitable device for creating small home network (LAN).
– A hub transmits data in half duplex mode.
– A hub primarily broadcast messages.  It means that the data received by hub is sent to all the computers connected with it.
– A hub is considered to be dumb network device. It means that it is not able to filter message and send to selected destination port
– A hub is passive device. It is not equipped with any network software.

Types of hub:

Passive hub:
– it simply allows the signal coming from previous port to pass another without any change.
– It does not amplify or regenerate signals.
– It does not require electricity.

Active hub:
– It amplifies the incoming signal before passing to other ports.
– It requires electricity
– It acts as a repeater to extend the length of network.

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