What is network its goals and applications

A computer network is a system in which two or more autonomous computers are connected to each other. These computers can share information and other resources. A computer network may also include peripherals such as printers, scanners, webcams, speakers, headphones, microphones etc. you can use these devices to send and receive data and perform tasks, such as sharing files.

Goals and applications

Resource and file sharing: computer network allow sharing of resources such as files and printers and software. A user sitting at a computer, which is connected to a network, can easily access resources present on another computer that is connected to the same network irrespective of the physical location of it.

Large storage capacity: computer network allow user to store a large amount of information on the network. Computer network in large organizations have servers that are only used for storing information. These servers increase the storage capacity of the network.

Cost effective: since resources can be shared, it reduces the cost up to a large extent.

Collective user interaction: multiple users can share and collect information at a main computer in a computer network. This main computer is called Server.

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