Chapter 10 Computer Network (Solution)

1. What is network? What are its goals and applications?

2. Discuss and compare various types of networks.

3. What are the hubs? What are its various types?

4. What is the role of switch in a network?

5. Briefly discuss the role of following device in the context of networking.
(i) Router
(ii) Bridge
(iii) Gateway

6. When would you prefer
(i) Bridges over hubs
(ii) Switch over other network devices

7. When would you opt for a router in a network?

8. What are hubs? How are active hubs different from passive hubs?

9. What are the facilities provided by the SERVER in a Network environment?

10. In which network there is no server?
Ans: Peer to peer network

11. What is cloud? What is cloud computing?

12. What are different cloud deployment models?

13. How public cloud is different from private cloud?

14. What is Internet of Things?

15. What are the concerns related to IoT?

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