Computer Network | Sumita Arora Solution Chapter 9 | IP Class 12

Get Sumita Arora Textbook Solution of IP Class 12 Unit 3 Chapter 9 Introduction to Computer Network short questions, Long practical Question Answer

Short Question Answer

What is a network? What are its goals and applications?

Discuss and compare various types of network.

Explain various mostly used topologies.

Discuss the factor that governs the selection of a topology for a network.

Compare and contrast star and bus topologies

What is the role of modem in electronic communications?

What are hubs? What are it types?

What is the role of switch in a network?

Briefly discuss the role of following devices in the context of networking.

What is the importance of router?

What is Gateway? What does it do?

How is repeater different from an amplifier?

How is LAN different from MAN?

How is a LAN different from PAN?

How is a LAN different from WAN?

Can you term a PAN as LAN? Why/why not?

Compare Mesh topology with Tree topology.

Compare Tree and Star topology.

Write two advantages and disadvantages of bus topology.

Write advantages and disadvantages of Tree topology.

Write advantages and disadvantages of mesh topology

Long Practical Question Answer

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