Societal Impact IP Class 12 NCERT Solution

1. After practicals, Atharv left the computer laboratory but forgot to sign off from his email account. Later, his classmate Revaan started using the same computer. He is now logged in as Atharv. He sends inflammatory email messages to few of his classmates using Atharv’s email account. Revaan’s activity is an example of which of the following cyber-crime? Justify your answer.
a) Hacking
b) Identity theft
c) Cyber bullying
d) Plagiarism

2. Rishika found a crumpled paper under her desk. She picked it up and opened it. It contained some text which was struck off thrice. But she could still figure out easily that  the struck off text was the email ID and password of Garvit, her classmate. What is ethically correct for Rishika to do?
a) Inform Garvit so that he may change his password.
b) Give the password of Garvit’s email ID to all other classmates.
c) Use Garvit’s password to access his account.

3. Suhana is down with fever. So, she decided not to go to school tomorrow. Next day, in the evening she called up her classmate, Shaurya and enquired about the computer class. She also requested him to explain the concept. Shaurya said, “Mam taught us how to use tuples in python”. Further, he generously said, “Give me some time, I will email you the material which will help you to understand tuples in python”. Shaurya quickly downloaded a 2-minute clip from the Internet explaining the concept of tuples in python. Using video editor, he added the text “Prepared by Shaurya” in the downloaded video clip. Then, he emailed the modified video clip to Suhana. This act of Shaurya is an example of —
a) Fair use
b) Hacking
c) Copyright infringement
d) Cyber crime

4. After a fight with your friend, you did the following activities. Which of these activities is not an example of cyber bullying?
a) You sent an email to your friend with a message saying that “I am sorry”.
b) You sent a threatening message to your friend saying “Do not try to call or talk to me”.
c) You created an embarrassing picture of your friend and uploaded on your account on a social networking site.

5. Sourabh has to prepare a project on “Digital India Initiatives”. He decides to get information from the Internet. He downloads three web pages (webpage 1, webpage 2, webpage 3) containing information on Digital India Initiatives. Which of the following steps taken by Sourabh is an example of plagiarism or copyright infringement? Give justification in support of your answer.

a) He read a paragraph on “Digital India Initiatives” from webpage 1 and rephrased it in his own words. He finally pasted the rephrased paragraph in his project.

b) He downloaded three images of “Digital India Initiatives” from webpage 2. He made a collage for his project using these images.

c) He downloaded “Digital India Initiative” icon from web page 3 and pasted it on the front page of his project report.

6 . Match the following:

Column AColumn B
PlagiarismFakers, by offering special rewards or money prize asked for personal information, such as  bank account information
HackingCopy and paste information from the Internet into your report and the organize it
Credit card fraudThe trail that is created when a person uses the Internet
Digital FootprintBreaking into computers to read private emails and others files
NCERT IP Textbook Solution

7. You got the below shown SMS from your bank querying a recent transaction. Answer the following —

a) Will you SMS your pin number to the given contact number?
b) Will you call the bank helpline number to recheck the validity of the SMS received?

8. Preeti celebrated her birthday with her family. She was excited to share the moments with her friend Himanshu. She uploaded selected images of her birthday party on a social networking site so that Himanshu can see them. After few days, Preeti had a fight with Himanshu. Next morning, she deleted her birthday photographs from that social networking site, so that Himanshu cannot access them. Later in the evening, to her surprise, she saw that one of the images which she had already deleted from the social networking site was available with their common friend Gayatri. She hurriedly enquired Gayatri “Where did you get this picture from?”. Gayatri replied “Himanshu forwarded this image few minutes back”.
 Help Preeti to get answers for the following questions. Give justification for your answers so that Preeti can understand it clearly.

a) How could Himanshu access an image which I had already deleted?
b) Can anybody else also access these deleted images?
c) Had these images not been deleted from my digital footprint?

9. The school offers wireless facility (wifi) to the Computer Science students of Class XI. For communication, the network security staff of the school has a registered URL On 17 September 2017, the following email was mass distributed to all the Computer Science students of Class XI. The email claimed that the password of the students was about to expire. Instructions were given to go to URL to renew their password within 24 hours.
a) Do you find any discrepancy in this email?
b) What will happen if the student will click on the given URL? c) Is the email an example of cyber-crime? If yes, then specify which type of cyber-crime is it. Justify your answer.

Image Courtesy – NCERT Textbook IP Class 12 Ch-6 Societal Impact

10. You are planning to go for a vacation. You surfed the Internet to get answers for the following queries
a) Weather conditions
b) Availability of air tickets and fares
c) Places to visit
d) Best hotel deals
Which of your above mentioned actions might have created a digital footprint?

11. How would you recognize if one of your friends is being cyber bullied?

a) Cite the online activities which would help you detect that your friend is being cyber bullied?
b) What provisions are in IT Act 2000, (amended in 2008) to combact such situations?

12. Write the differences between the following —
a) Copyright and Patent
b) Non-Ethical Hacking and Ethical Hacking
c) Active Footprint and Passive Footprint
d) Free Software and Open Source Software

13. If you plan to use a short text from an article on the web, what steps must you take in order to credit the sources used?

14. When you search online for pictures, how will you find pictures that are available in the free public domain. How can those pictures be used in your project without copyright violations?

15. Describe why it is important to secure your wireless router at home. Search the Internet to find the rules to create a reasonably secure password. Create an imaginary password for your home router. Will you share your password for home router with following people. Justify your answer.
a) Parents
b) Friends
c) Neighbours
d) Home tutors

16. List down the steps you need to take in order to ensure —

a) Your computer is in good working condition for a longer time
b) smart and safe Internet surfing

17. What is data privacy? Websites that you visit collect what type of information about you?

18. In the computer science class, Sunil and Jagdish were assigned the following task by their teacher
a) Sunil was asked to find information about “India, a Nuclear power”. He was asked to use Google Chrome browser and prepare his report using Google Docs.
b) Jagdish was asked to find information about “Digital India”. He was asked to use Mozilla Firefox browser and prepare his report using Libre Office Writer.
What is the difference between technologies used by Sunil and Jagdish?

19. Cite examples depicting that you were a victim of following cyber-crime. Also, cite provisions in IT Act to deal with such a cyber-crime.
a) Identity theft
b) Credit card account theft

20. Neerja is a student of Class XI. She has opted for Computer Science. Neerja prepared the project assigned to her. She mailed it to her teacher. The snapshot of that email is shown below.
Find out which of the following email etiquettes
are missing in it. Justify your answer.

a) Subject of the mail
b) Formal greeting
c) Self-explanatory terms
d) Identity of the sender
e) Regards

Image Courtesy – NCERT Textbook IP Class 12 Ch-6 Societal Impact

21. Sumit got good marks in all the subjects. His father gifted him a laptop. He would like to make Sumit aware of health hazards associated with inappropriate and excessive use of laptop. Help his father to list the points which he should discuss with Sumit.

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